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A lot of self-improvement writing is intended for a narrow audience, usually for middle-class, 9 to 5 office workers. You may be a student or a stay-at-home parent or a shift worker with little free time. You may have a chronic physical or mental condition or experience low energy or brain fog. Traditional self-help may not address your unique situation, whatever it may be. A Little Better aims to help people who want to improve their lives — but whose lives don’t exactly fit the traditional self-help mold.

No matter your distinctive circumstances, there are many small changes and new habits that will help you gradually improve your life. Tiny changes build on each other over time — and when you make a lot of things a little better, you end up flourishing in new and unexpected ways.

A Little Better is sent once a week, on Sundays. Each newsletter includes a way to enhance your productivity, household management, or personal efficiency with tips to adapt the item to your own life. It also includes a challenge to take one specific, tiny action that will benefit your well-being. All content is currently free.

I’m Sarah L. Crowder: a writer, performer, sewist, and self-improvement enthusiast. I have a day job in accounting. I’m not a research scientist or a guru, but I have a lifetime of experience in thriving under less-than-ideal conditions. I’ve learned what works for me by trial and error and endless experimentation. I’ve read all the books and even attended a few of the seminars. I want to save you time and effort by using my hard-won knowledge as your personal shortcut.

I pledge to do my best to create a safe space for people from all backgrounds and to use inclusive language. Queer and trans folks and BIPOC are more than welcome here. I also want to make clear that this is a safe space for people recovering from eating disorders and who prioritize fat liberation. Traditional self-help is rife with unhealthy diet culture. I promise that I will never discuss intentional weight loss as a goal or use dieting or caloric restriction as a metaphor in this newsletter.

Some standard disclaimers apply: I don’t give legal or medical advice. And nothing I say here is truly universal. Use what works for you and discard the rest.

Feel free to check out the archive, and if you’re ready to get started, please subscribe!

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Writer, performer, sewist, bookkeeper. Originator of Darth Marple style. Afraid of clowns, spiders, and sticky jam hands. She/Her.